Selected Publications:

"The Real Effects of Corruption on M&A Flows: Evidence from China's Anti-corruption Campaign" with Chenghao Huang, Zhi Jin, and Eliza Wu at Journal of Banking and Finance, Volume 150, 2023, 106815.

Business School Case Studies: 

Jiuzhaigou Hydropower Development Co. Ltd.: A Green Footprint in Electrical Energy Exploitation” with Wenjun Xiong, Yanjin Zhu, Dan Ma, and Yuanyuan Qian, at Ivey Publishing, Product No. W31854.  

Working Papers: 

Presented at CICF, AFA Ph.D. Poster Session, FMA, FMA Europe, AsianFA, IFABS, International Young Finance Conference, UIBE (Finance), SWUFE (Law), Welsh Quarterly Finance Seminar, Sussex

Presented at Baruch-SWUFE Research Symposium, Washington (Foster), Wyoming, Bayes Business School 

Presented at AIB conference (Seoul, scheduled), AIB-UKI conference

Presented at the Paris Financial Management Conference, China Accounting and Finance Conference, EFMA (scheduled)

Presented at Ningbo Blockchain Research Lab 

All ABS 3* Publications:

Allocative Efficiency of Internal Capital Markets: Evidence from Equity Carve-outs by Diversified Firms with Sudi Sudarsanam and Valeriya Vitkova at International Review of Financial Analysis, Volume 86, 2023, 102500.  

Cross-border Buyout Exit Success” at International Journal of Finance and Economics, 2024, forthcoming.

Working-in Progress:

“The Environmental Externalities of Subway Expansion”

“The Anatomy of Inventor Mobility”

“The State Controlling Shareholder Interests and Corporate Environmental Policies”